Server expenses are $160 (USD) monthly. Help keep us online through Patreon or PayPal .


Thunderspy is a City of Heroes private server that is constantly updated with new content and features. The server features new and re-balanced powersets, asymmetric costume parts, and extra auras. There are still big plans for the server, such as opt-in open world PvP. See more in the patch notes.

Despite the rapid improvements, the Thunderspy server maintains a small, friendly community where everyone knows everyone.

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How to Play

  1. Download the Sweet Tea launcher.
  2. The Sweet Tea launcher should be available in your Start Menu.
  3. If Thunderspy (/coxg/) server is not listed,
    1. go to the launcher's options menu
    2. and add the link to this manifest
  4. If Sweet Tea doesn't work, try Cream Soda.

Code of Conduct

This is a self-moderated community. However, that does not mean we have no rules. We don't endorse any of the opinions from our in-game chat. We encourage you to use the block button if another player is bothering you.

Anyone caught evading such a block or engaging in targeted harassment will be disciplined. Repeated offenses will result in a ban. Please report anyone who attempts to actively disrupt the game experience for you or anyone else, and they will be dealt with accordingly.